This Week in Coles Crossing (Feb 7-14)
Posted on February 9, 2020 8:58 AM by Megan Bradley
Trash Pickup
Coles Crossing has garage door trash pickup.  Trucks service the neighborhood every Tuesday and Friday. Please have your trash out by 7 a.m. on trash days.
Check out our Facebook post for a list of guidelines and policies. If you have any questions or issues with the service, please email Best Trash and copy the HOA Board.
Pond Habitat Improvements
In the past few months we have set out to improve our fishing ponds. First, we trapped and relocated over one hundred turtles from the two overpopulated ponds. The next step was restocking all of the ponds with healthy new fish. Most recently we added submerged artificial cover and yards of pebbles along the shoreline. These steps all support healthy fish habitats.

Lake Pro Inc., our pond management provider, assembled and then sank polyethylene trees and shrubs in the deeper sections of two of the neighborhood ponds. These multiple limbed structures are safe for the environment, snag resistant and beneficial to all types of fish. Kudo’s to the Lake Pro Inc. team which spent the day completing this project for free!

The slotted, multi-branched and weighted artificial trees offer safety for smaller fish and help boost baitfish production. They also facilitate algae, plankton and insect growth which provides food for the Shiners and Bluegill. The structures act as a refuge and shade for fish in shallow ponds like ours. Lake Pro also sank two Christmas trees in Coles Pond. They will provide natural protective covering from ambushing Largemouth Bass.

Lastly, Silver Sand Services assisted in spreading out pea pebbles at six locations along the banks of each of the ponds. Bluegill thrive when they have good cover and pebble bedding for spawning. The Bluegill will fan out nests with their tails in the small stones and then lay hundreds of eggs. The Bluegill population is critical to produce big Bass and Bluegill. These pebble nurseries and artificial cover along with the existing plant life will help balance the pond ecosystem and increase the lifespan of all the fish in our ponds.
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